2017 Mini Truck Rules

Orland Raceway 2017 Mini-Truck Rules

Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the racing officials.



Any American or foreign made stock mini-truck.  Rear wheel drive only.  No 4×4.  No rear engines or rotary engines.

Frames cannot be altered from stock shape and/or configuration.  Chassis length will be measured wheel-to-wheel.  Trucks MUST look like trucks and must be a truck chassis.




  1.  4 cylinder only.  Minimum weight of 2200 lbs., with driver.
  2.  No more than 200 lbs. compression.
  3.  No port and polishing.
  4.  1” maximum adapter at carburetor to intake.
  5.  Must have stock intake.  Headers are allowed.
  6.  Motor mounts, engine and chassis must be in original stock location.  Engine makes must match the make of frame and body.
  7.  Trucks may run any stock 2-barrel carburetor on any engine.  No injection or throttle bodies allowed.
  8.  Cockpit exhaust ok if shielded from driver and exits behind the driver, using approved cockpit sheet metal.  No exhaust may invade driver’s side of cockpit.  No exhaust through body panels or fenders.



  1.  Any radiator may be used, but must be mounted in front of engine.
  2.  Radiator protectors permitted.
  3.  Anti-freeze is not allowed



  1. Trucks must have full bodies including hood, fenders, and bumpers.    All rubber frame-to-body mounts must be removed.
  2.  Vehicles must be completely stripped.  No factory interior, no chrome or glass.
  3.  Truck bed must be enclosed with cover, mounted flat from back of cab to tailgate.  20 gauge minimum thickness steel or comparable strength aluminum, securely welded, bolted, or pop riveted to bed.
  4.  Bodies must be steel and remain strictly stock.  The original cowl and complete floorboards must remain intact with all unnecessary holes covered.
  5.  Body panels may be cut for tire clearance.  No sharp edges.
  6.  Inner front fender wells may be removed.
  7.  Doors must be welded or bolted shut at all times.  If bolted they must also be chained.  Hoods are to be securely fastened.
  8.  A metal screen must cover windshield opening completely, minimum ¼ inch, maximum of ½ inch, mesh wire.
  9.  Headlight and tail-light openings must be covered.
  10.  Front and rear bumpers are mandatory and must be in stock location.    May be round or square .095 tubing replacements.  No black pipe allowed.  Front bumper not to extend out past center to center of tires.  All bumper ends must be smooth, capped and turned back with NO SHARP EDGES.  Officials reserve the right to approve or reject any bumper.  All bumpers must allow tow truck strap access, ie: welded hoop for tow hook.
  11.  No rear view mirrors allowed.  No two-way radios allowed.
  12. Vehicle numbers must be a minimum of 15 inches high and placed on both doors and the top of the vehicle.   Must be legible and of a contrasting color for visibility.   Body panels will be painted and numbered to the satisfaction of race officials.



  1.  Point type OEM ignition or electronic.  NO magnetos.
  2.  Battery must be securely mounted behind driver and secured in a metal or plastic container.
  3.  Passenger car batteries allowed.
  4.  All trucks must start under their own power and be running when leaving the pit area for each race.
  5.  A battery shutoff switch mounted through the bed cover directly behind the driver, is mandatory on all trucks.  It must be clearly labeled “On” and “Off”.
  6.  Must have stock distributors.



  1. Automotive approved gasoline or approved racing fuel allowed.  No methanol, alcohol or additives.
  2.  Fuel cells are mandatory, no larger than 16 gallon capacity.  Must be rigidly mounted in bed area.  Must be strapped four (4) ways with metal straps.  1 inch wide and 1/8th inch thick.  No outside fillers.  Track Officials must approve all fuel cells.  Stock tanks must be removed.



  1.  Transmission must have reverse gear and all forward gears

operational.  Must be in stock position.





  1.  Approved Quick Release allowed.  Steering quickeners permitted.  Chassis, suspension, and rear axle must be in stock position.
  2. All trucks must have a metal strap under drive shaft.  Strap must be located within ½ inch of front universal joint.  Drive shaft must be painted white.
  3.  Front and rear suspension must be of original type with no modifications.  One (1) shock per wheel, original shock may be replaced with heavy-duty shocks.
  4.  No coil-overs.  Racing type shock OK.  Front shocks must remain in stock location, but can be aftermarket.
  5.  All clutches and flywheels must be OEM.




  1.  6-point cage type roll bars are required.  Must be frame mounted in at least 6 places and must be braced.  Gusseting will be required.  ALL TUBING must be a minimum of 1½ inch OD and a minimum of 0.095 wall thickness.  NO BLACK PIPE.  Bars must be bolted or welded to the frame to the satisfaction of track officials.
  2.  Drivers side must have three (3) horizontal door bars of at least 1½ inch OD tubing located at approximately seat height, running from front roll bar to rear roll bar.  Two horizontal door bars on passenger side OK.  Horizontal bars must have a minimum of two (2) upright braces between door bars.  An additional bar must be welded to the top (roof area) of the roll cage running from left to right, front to rear diagonally.  A horizontal bar must be installed between the front two (2) vertical bars at dash height on all trucks.
  3.  Roll bar padding is mandatory where driver can come in contact with the cage. All roll bar padding in driver’s compartment must be fire retardant.



  1.  Maximum tire width may not exceed 9”.
  2.  No sipping or cross grooving allowed.  NO snow tires.  Hoosier and/or McCreary OK.
  3.  8 inch maximum width aftermarket steel or aluminum wheels allowed.  NO MAG WHEELS.
  4.  Stock wheels allowed but right side wheels MUST HAVE REINFORCED CENTERS.



  1.  All trucks must have a high backed, head rest style racing seat.  Must be bolted, with not less than four (4) 3/8th inch bolts and nuts, to roll cage.  NOT bolted to the floorboard.
  2.  Five (5) point safety harness, DOT approved or better helmet with face shield, gloves and fire suit are mandatory.  Racing shoes and neck roll recommended.
  3.  Driver side window net is required, minimum 16×20 inch ribbon or mesh style and must be mounted to roll cage so it can be accessible to the driver and safety crew.  Must be SFI approved.  SFI approved arm restraints ok.
  4.  Helmet and seat belts to be worn and fastened at all time when on track.  NO EXCEPTIONS.